Smoke N’ Sticks Cigar Shop and Cigar Lounge began during the boom in the early to mid nineties as Ugly Al’s (some of you old-timers my remember that name) and has been the cigar destination in Granada Hills California for the better part of 20 years.

For the past eight years Smoke N’ Sticks philosophy has been a simple one “provide an ideal environment where folks can enjoy a wonderful cigar.” As straightforward as those 11 words are that idea has been one of the most difficult and at the same time rewarding things I’ve set myself up to do, those values have helped me persevere and continue to strive to provide that ideal environment.

Our approach to view this cigar shop and lounge as our patrons due has been the key…provide Premium Cigars and Accessories at a fair price and provide a lounge where people can come in and enjoy a cigar with fellow aficionados.

Our Cigar Rollers will demonstrate the old-world art of rolling the perfect cigar made up from that wonderful plant that gives us the Ligero (leaves closest to the sun) the large Seco leaves (mid section of the plant) and the Volado leaves (leaves closest to the rich soil) and when blended together in just the right quantities gives us that perfect smoke.

Finally our Humidor – We pride ourselves in having a humidor that has been seasoned day in and day out for almost 20 years, that aroma of tobacco blends, the Spanish Cedar that makes up that treasure chest tells the story of all the cigars it has hosted and will continue to host for our friends.

So as we say in Latin America “Bien Venidos a Nuestra Casa” (Welcome to our Home) and to the aficionado, the connoisseur and cigar lovers everywhere, Come and experience the Smoke N’ Sticks hospitality!